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Innovation M400

Workshop press Motor, pressing force 400 tons

Spannung, Werkzeug, im Zylinder, Werkstattpresse
Werkstattpresse, Motor, M 400,

24 months guarantee


1.420 x 560 mm


Standard 400 Tonnen


400 mm


Stabile Bauweise,

größeren Zylinder

Technical specifications
Innovation M400

The workshop press is motorized

Presskraft HPW.png

pressing force

400 tons

Optionally, this can be regulated by a rotary switch from 1-400 tons

Zylinder Typ.png


Fixed, center

The cylinder can also be moved by hand as an option. Furthermore, electrically movable to the side

Hub der HPW.png



The stroke can also be selected to be larger. Config under custom order

Abstand SPN - Ti.png

Distance spindle to table


You can also get a larger distance between the spindle nose and the table at any time.

Arbeitsbereich HPW-1.png


1,420 x 560mm

In the area of custom-made products, the working area "D + E" can also be selected individually.

Skizze HPW - neu.jpg


Our workshop press M400 has a footprint of  

length  2,450mm

broad  1,820mm

height  2,750mm

standard equipment

Possible further equipment

  • Version engine

  • Operating lever on the side or switch

  • fixed cylinder

  • chrome cylinder

  • cylindrical press mandrel mount

  • Stable frame

  • Manometer pressure display

  • Height-adjustable crossbar

  • Manual in German

  • CE compliant

  • larger working area (D+E)

  • movable cylinder

  • electrically movable cylinder

  • Larger distance spindle nose to table

  • larger stroke / spindle distance to the table

  • Table top with 2x straight T-slots

  • Table top with 2x diagonal T-slots 

  • Pressure setting via rotary switch

  • Display 1x bar / 1x tone

  • Protective cabin made of plexiglass

  • Laser barrier (finger protection)

  • Protective grille around the workshop press

  • Bending tool, up to 300 mm sheet width

The workshop press Innovation Motor are stable built workshop presses. These are being built in a high tech country in Europe.

"Experience from practice and developed for practice."

Workshop presses used to be simple presses for the workshop. The development goes on and on. Designs such as Hnd / Motor / Motor-Hand are available. Also as cycle or cnc controlled with up to 15" touch display.


We realize your requirements for your new workshop press. Talk to us

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